Chalice Child Sponsorship

Our Lady of Victory currently supports two children through Chalice.  If you are interested in contributing, you are invited to do so during mass.  For more information please contact us.

Family Sponsorship

We are currently aiding a family in need within our community.  Food donations, perishable and non-perishables, can be made into the large box located at the entrance of the church.  Any items in excess of the family’s needs are donated to other local families in need.

Syrian Refugee Families

The Tri-Parishes of Our Lady of Victory, St Margaret Mary and St Maria Goretti sponsored two Syrian refugee families – the Edrises and the Darwches – and we are now wrapping up their formal sponsorship.  We hope to continue to have contact with these families as they build their lives in Canada.

Privately sponsored refugees rely solely on their sponsors for support during their first year in Canada.  As sponsors, our three parishes will need to provide an estimated $30,000 in support to this family, which includes rent, utilities, food, etc.  We will also need to provide an initial start up cost for furniture, clothing and food when our family first arrives.

Other faith communities, service organizations, schools, businesses and private citizens from the communities our parishes serve participated in this project and we have received a lot of great support from our communities.  We thank everyone for their generosity in the support of the Edrises and the Darwches!

Samar’s brother, Osama Al Mousa, his wife, Marah, and their one-year-old daughter, Marla, are scheduled to arrive on May 30.  St. Maria Goretti Parish (Circle of New Friends) are co-signatories to the sponsorship of this family, along with the Edmonton Archdiocese Catholic Social Services and Moe and Samar.  Osama has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and is fluent in English. 

The Al Mousa family will live with Moe and Samar for the first while after their arrival.  Therefore, we have asked Samar and Moe what additional household effects they might need and they have provided us with the following list:

  • Small armoire to provide extra closet space;
  • queen-size bed;
  • comforter and pillows;
  • coffee table;
  • additional kitchen table chairs (they have only 4); and/or
  • a larger kitchen table;
  • dresser with mirror; and
  • two bed-side tables.

If you do not have any of the preceding items to donate, you may choose to make a cash donation towards the purchase of these items.  To receive a charitable tax receipt, please make the donation payable to St. Maria Goretti Parish.  

For further information, please contact the office at 780-987-2858.  Thank you for your generosity.