1914-1930 Father Louis Culerier


1931-1934 Father Patric McQuaid
-2 acres for St. Francis of Assisi Church, 1930
-1/3 of an acre of land purchased on the corner of 1st Avenue & 1st Street in Thorsby, Archbishop O’Leary gives permission for building of the church that summer, February 1931
-First Thorsby baptisms: Robert Francis Demuynck, Frank Deneve
-First Thorsby marriage: Lawrence Edward Ruzicka & Margaret Elizabeth Macdonald
-First masses celebrated in Breton with Fr. Joseph Murphy (Rimbey) presiding, 1932

Father Kennedy McLeanMcLean
-Land purchased for St. Charles Borromeo Church in Warburg, mass celebrated at Warburg School until the church was completed, October 1934
-First Warburg baptisms: 2 Zeiner children, Mrs.. Carl Meyer
-St. Francis of Assisi Church completed, 1935
-1935 average Thorsby attendance is 44 individuals, average collection $44.40
-Archbishop MacDonald blesses Our Lady of Victory church, August 28, 1938
-Cemetery purchased in Thorsby, named Saint Mary’s Cemetery, 1937
-Our Lady of Fatima in Breton construction begins under the leadership of Fr. Edward McCarty, 1948

1947-1949 Father Tom Conway


1949-1952 Father Michael McAnnally
-Our Lady of Victory Church as it stands now completed, 1951
-First mass celebrated in Our Lady of Fatima with Fr. Aloysius Schoen presiding, 1951


1952-1967 Father Donald MacLellan
-Warburg Catholic Women’s League formed, 1952 (became St. Charles Ladies’ Society, 1975)
-Archbishop MacDonald blesses Our Lady of Fatima, 1953* (*exact date unavailable)
-Thorsby Catholic Women’s League formed, 1959


1967-1970 Father Michael Blanch
-Breton Catholic Women’s League officially recognized, despite years of existence, 1962
-Fr. Kenneth Dylke becomes first resident priest in Breton & also serves St. Francis, 1963
-First Thorsby Annual Smorgasbord held, first Sunday of November 1967
-Breton becomes a mission of Thorsby, 1968
-Fr. Blanch establishes Warburg & Thorsby Parish Councils
-Catechism begun


1970-1973 Father Archibald MacKenzie
-Summer Saturday evening masses started at Sandholm Community Hall for Pigeon Lake dwellers, 1972

1973-1974 Father Joseph Killoran


1974-1982 Father Larry Pederson
-St. Charles Borromeo Church renovated, adding the auxiliary room & 3 rooms for Catechism, 1980
-Masses celebrated intermittently on Friday or Saturday evenings in Breton due to dwindling numbers
-St. Francis of Assisi closed

1982-1983 Father James Murphy

1983-1986 Father Stan Blaszkowski

1986-1996 Father Jose SugaySugay
-Original Our Lady of Fatima building demolished, 1987
-New Our Lady of Fatima inaugurated in Breton with Archbishop MacNeil, August 1989
-Warbug Knights of Columbus begin biweekly pancake breakfasts, 1992
-Fr. Sugay celebrates his 40th Anniversary of Ordination, arriving in a horse drawn wagon to the Thorsby Community Hall, 1994
-St. Charles celebrates its 60th Anniversary, with Archbishop MacNeil presiding, August 1994


1996-1999 Father Edwin Quao
-Fr. Quao becomes the last priest to live at the Thorsby Rectory


1999-2000 Father Samuel Nuako
-Warburg and Thorsby officially merge as Our Lady of Victory Parish, August 1999
-First special mass held at the Thorsby Community Hall in August 1999 with Archbishop Collins presiding, Christmas services held here from now on
-Our Lady of Fatima closed and the building sold, 1999

 Father Francis Laverty

 Father Leonard Cadieux
-Last Sunday mass celebrated in St. Charles Borromeo, Warburg, August 2001
-Last mass celebrated in Sandholm Community Hall with Fr. Laverty presiding, September 2001
-Our Lady of Victory Parish (including Breton, Sandholm, St. Francis, Thorsby & Warburg) merges with St. Michael’s in Leduc, September 2001
-Old rectory in Thorsby demolished, 2001
-Thorsby Rectory sold, 2002


 Father Michael Mireau
(and Nemo)
-Ukrainian Hall in Thorsby purchased for Parish use, summer 2005
-St. Charles Borromeo closed, 2005
-Our Lady of Victory celebrates its 75th Anniversary with Archbishop Collins presiding, June 2006
-St. Charles Church sold, 2007
-St. Francis of Assisi church demolished, the Cemetery remains on its original site


2008-2010 Father Joseph Vadassery
-Our Lady of Victory Parish moves from a merge with St. Michael’s to a merge with St. Maria Goretti in Devon, September 2008



 Father Tadeusz Jordan
-Our Lady of Victory Parish celebrates its 80th Anniversary with Archbishop Smith presiding, June 2011


2011-2017 Father James Banu Bodula
-New vestments arrive from India, thanks to Father James, 2011
-Advent pot luck and white elephant gift exchange initiated, December 2011
-Memorial to the Unborn installed, May 2015
-New rectory in Devon purchased, Fall 2015
-Our Lady of Victory undergoes extensive exterior renovations, Summer 2016




2017-2022 Father Arun Rodrigues
-Our Lady of Victory celebrates its 50th Annual Smorg in November 2017
-2020 COVID-19 Pandemic dramatically alters worship



2022-present Father Luan Vu