Chalice Child Sponsorship

Our Lady of Victory has been sponsoring two children through Chalice for the past number of years.   Started by a committed parishioner and continued through the generous support of the children and families in our community, we are grateful for this support.  Parishioners are welcome to send personalized notes, etc to our sponsored children.  If you are interested in learning more about our sponsorship, please contact Gilaine Porter – 780.586.2518.

Our Sponsored Children

Missy Claire
Missy Clair lives in Manila in the Philippines.  She is is grade 5 and loves math, dancing, singing and running.  She would like to be a doctor when she grows up in order to help others.  We received the following letter from her:
img_3388 copyimg_3389 copy

Michelove lives in Haiti at Chalice’s sponsor site in that island nation.  The Haitian team has focused on education and medical attention for the children living there.  Our sponsorship gives Michelove access to these and many other resources.  We were sent the following message about her life this year:
IMG_3102 copy